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TARROW TOKYO ハーレダビットソン ダイナ ストリートボブ 

Mr. Hiroyuki Suzuki, product development producer

Please introduce yourself.

Mr. Suzuki: Suzuki I'm Hiroyuki. I was born here in Saitama.

I started out as a sound engineer for a large concert PA for 10 years.
After that, I worked for a mobile company that was a venture company for about 10 years, and then I was involved in creating apps, games, and characters for about 13 years at my own company.

Currently, I have arrived at the cosmetics industry, where I am launching a men's cosmetics brand.

Please tell us about your own men's cosmetics brand.

Mr. Suzuki: I gave the brand name with the brand name " BARBAROW ".

" BARBARO " means "wild man" in Italian, and we are currently launching a wild man brand with a " W" added to the word.

The etymology of BARBAROW is Italian " BARBARO " which means "wild man"

BARBAROW THE SHAMPOO , which has a rough name that does not match the name of a cosmetics brand and a rugged blacked-out appearance, aims for the ultimate in freshness. In addition to foaming and scalp care, the strong menthol creates a refreshing feeling that penetrates and provides an unprecedented hair washing experience.

In recent years, it is a shampoo with a strong personality that further improves the effect of the cold shampoo that is popular at beauty salons.

instagram @barbarow_japan

official EC

There are so many competitors in cosmetics, so when I ask, "How are you going to sell things ? " .

I'm a Harley I like motorcycles, so I'm doing it now with the feeling of ``Let's launch a masculine cosmetics brand.''

What kind of products would you like to develop in the future?

Mr. Suzuki: I'm usually the type to go to a niche, so it's always a long way to say that I want to make something with a punch.

At first, he said , "A project to walk in the shade of lukewarm water for three years . " If you go 5 years, you'll go 10 years.
There is a way of thinking. If it jumps too early, it will disappear quickly, so I always try to carefully nurture fans during product development.

Please tell us about your favorite car.

Mr. Suzuki: The one I'm riding now is a Harley " Street Bob " type, and I feel like I'm riding it by tinkering with it.


Broadly speaking, Harley has several systems.

Before, I was riding a custom "touring model".

Touring model that Mr. Suzuki used to ride

The "Dyna" series, which is currently being driven, is a model that has been driven a little more with the same engine as this model.

The Dyna has the most vibration from the engine, so even when it's running slowly, it has a strong thumping, thumping, thumping feeling, making it a Harley-like model.

If you run relatively properly, you can see the line properly, and if you tell it to run normally, you can run.

It feels like you're riding, and it's a lot of fun.

Please tell us how you got into riding a Harley.

Mr. Suzuki: I've been riding motorcycles since high school, so I started with a small bike, got a medium size, and then a large size.

There was a feeling that I would say, "Someday, I will ride a Harley."

But the trigger was the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

"I might die someday," I thought, "someday Harley will be Harley now."

Please tell us how you feel while riding a motorcycle.

Mr. Suzuki: Somehow, after riding a Harley, I made more friends.

I think it's fun to say that there are friends with similar hobbies, such as touring together, camping together, etc.

Lastly, please tell us your frank impressions, such as the comfort of wearing TARROW clothes.

Suzuki: When it gets cold, I wear underwear with heating wires inside when I ride a Harley or motorcycle.

This TARROW denim is made a little thicker, so I think it's great that it's roomy enough that you can wear heating wire pants underneath.

Also, it's thick, so I think it's good because it's safe when riding a Harley, and it doesn't flutter at all.

Anyway, it's easy. very easy.

Loose and very comfortable to wear.

The denim introduced this time is here ↓



Director - Naoto Yoshidome
Interviewer & Management - Daisuke Kusaba
Translation - Manami Tobe
Producer - Daisuke Kusaba / Yasuyuki Yuhi

Special Thanks
abierta Co. Ltd.
COO- Hiroyuki Suzuki

gluck japan Co., Ltd.



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