The T-shirts we see on the market have to use cheap fabrics to meet the demands of retail brands and their price constraints, and as a result, the fabrics are inevitably thin.

I can't find a T-shirt that I want to buy and wear myself.
Then let's make it ourselves.

This T-shirt was born from such a thought.

From the standpoint of a producer who is familiar with threads and fabrics, I thought I could make a better T-shirt using this fabric, but even if I make a proposal to a retail brand as a producer, If the price range does not match, it will not be adopted, and even if it is adopted, the selling price will be very high.

It is best to use a two-ply yarn that is made by twisting two threads of this organic cotton number 30, but in order to make it affordable for everyone, I chose to use two threads side by side without twisting.

30 count of organic cotton

The thread used for the TARROW T-shirt is #30 thick organic cotton thread, and by using two of them side by side, it achieves exquisite thickness and luster.

We are particular about not only the material but also the shape, and finished with a silhouette based on the latest trend information obtained as a producer.

This product is a favorite of all Tarrow Tokyo staff.