The beginning of TARROW TOKYO.

Once upon a time, there was a young man named Taro.

Taro receives orders from various brands and makes a large amount of clothes every day.

In order to achieve a strict price and a short delivery date, I struggled every day while asking everyone at the factory to listen to the unreasonableness.

The factory is very busy while compressing the delivery date.

I often ask myself, "Who would want this outfit?"

I used to make a lot of clothes like that.

"Is it okay to keep making so many clothes that people won't wear for a long time..."

Finally, the smile disappeared from everyone's face.

One day, Taro

From the friends who support the factory, you will learn about "Ogre Island".

"There's a red demon there, who makes a lot of low-quality, cheap clothes that incorporate trendy designs, and the blue demons all go out to buy them. 』

Taro couldn't stay even if he was standing still, so he ran at full speed to a place where he could see "Ogre Island" from afar.

There are many "Blue Demons"...

"Is this Onigashima?"

the red demon

"This will sell. Make more and sell them!"
“Throw away the leftovers!”

The quality and price of clothes in the world are steadily declining,

Ao-oni continues to increase, saying, "The clothes sold by Aka-oni are the best! They're cheap, so you can buy them right away. Once they're out of fashion or you don't need them anymore, you can throw them away as soon as possible."

Before long, around "Onigashima",

I was overflowing with piles of clothes that I would never wear again.

Taro, who witnessed the scene, felt very sad.

“I want to create a world where good clothes can be worn for a long time.”

Taro finally moves into action.
Gather your friends and go anywhere

let's go let's go anywhere about you


*This story is fiction based on a true story and has nothing to do with real people or organizations.