We have started accepting pre-orders for STANDARD TEE WHITE (SARASHI) and BLACK.


"Clothes that I really want to wear"
TARROW TOKYO's first T-shirt made seriously by an apparel OEM that has been making branded clothes for 25 years.

Two 30-count yarns are aligned and woven into cotton sheeting in Japan.
The fabric is thick yet soft and comfortable to wear.

Cut and sewn at a domestic factory specializing in cut and sew.
It has excellent breathability, sweat absorption, and elasticity, and is made with Japanese fine and delicate sewing technology.

By applying reinforcement called an octopus binder from the back neckline to the shoulder,
It is resistant to twisting and reduces discomfort due to irregularities in the seam allowance.
You can wear it for a long time because it is strong against hangers and putting on and taking off.


Late June shipping [WHITE(SARASHI) SIZE: S / BLACK SIZE: XS / S / M / L / XL]
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